Having trouble getting KNTV in San Francisco


I am trying to make sure I have NBC ready to go for the game this Sunday, but am having issues getting any signal.

I have a regular style leaf antenna and last night tried a basic RCA antenna (ANT111), neither of which give me anything on 11-1.

I bought the Amazon amplified leaf to arrive tomorrow in the hopes that it might fare better.

This is my report from TvFool:

TV Fool

Are there any concealable indoor options out there that would help me reel it in?
Your best chance is probably the ANT 111, but indoors it's hard to say. If your TV will do direct channel entry most will some will not. Enter the real channel number 12 not 11.1 keep moving the antenna around. You can test to see if your TV will support direct channel entry by entering the real channel numbers listed on TV fool on a channel you already receive. Example if your TV supports direct channel entry when you enter 29 the TV should jump to channel 5.1. This can be a real time saver when testing an antenna. My choice in indoor flat antennas to try would have been the Winegard Flatwave not the leaf. The Alphaline SE-5000 sold by Kmart is the same as the Winegard Flatwave.
Anything amplified could be a mistake with the strong nearby signals, but it's hard to say when working indoors. If I wanted to test an indoor amplifier in your situation. I would try the low cost RCA AMP1450R with the antennas you already have.


I did try 12 and it gave me a different error message - Program error or something like that. I assume this may mean my TV does in fact not allow direct channel entry.

I ordered the Winegard flatwave for tomorrow as well so I can give that a try.

No problem to return the amplified ones so happy to give them a try and see if one works and just keep it installed!
The no signal message is what I would expect or channel not found even on a tv that will support direct entry. That is why I suggested testing it on a channel you do receive first using the real channel numbers off TV fool. I am aware that that won't work on all TVs, but it's always worth a try.


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Channel 11 is VHF, and it is also a 2 edge signal. Leaf antennas do not get VHF. Since it is a 2 edge signal, you may have to try different locations to get it. Do you have a south facing window you can put an antenna in?


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The ANT111 should work in the right position. Are there buildings (or other apartments, etc.) to the south of you. VHF signals travel further than UHF signals, but they have a much harder time going through walls. An outdoor antenna, like a RCA ANT751R, would be the best, but I know that isn't always possible.


KNTV - Manually add channel 12

Scan never gave me KNTV. Tried manually adding 11-1 nothing. I saw some reference that KNTV was on channel 12 or something so I added channel 12 and it appeared as 11-1 KNTV with strong reception. Don't quite understand why, but it works well.

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Go back to the antenna survey chart you originally posted and you will see two columns: REAL and VIRTUAL channels. Always enter the REAL channel number when you are attempting to add a station.