HBO 3D not working for many movies since 12/8/16 - Time Warner TV

This question is about "HBO 3D not working for many movies since 12/8/16", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Ever since Charter rolled out new software to the cable boxes in New York City on 12/8/16, most of the HBO 3D movies are no longer working. For example, the following movies have 3D versions available on HBO but you cannot play them: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Everest, The Martian, Pan, Gods of Egypt, The Peanuts Movie. When you select them to play, it should bring up a screen asking which version you want to play HD or 3D, but it does not. If you bring up the movie and hit the 'B' button on the remote, it will show a listing for the HD and the 3D version, but if you select the 3D version, it will just take you to the HD version.

The other problem is that certain movies are ONLY showing the 3D version and you cannot play the regular HD version. Some examples are: Monsters Vs. Aliens, Jupiter Ascending and In the Heart of the Sun.

I though that Charter would notice and fix this quickly but it is still a problem a week and half later. I used online chat, but after a long delay, the person only said that HBO 3D was temporarily unavaiable, which is obviously a non-answer. There is obviously a problem with the new cable box software that someone needs to fix!!

Please look into the problem and fix since I enjoy watching movies on my 3D tv.

This topic covered HBO 3D not working for many movies since 12/8/16, and TWC cable tv service.

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