HBO & Cinemax Free Preview - XFinity

From July 10-16, 2017, HBO and Cinemax will be offering a free preview to XFINITY TV customers! HBO and Cinemax movies and series will be available on our XFINITY On Demand platforms.

The HBO and Cinemax content will be available during the free preview to all XFINITY TV customers via the following:

  • XFINITY On Demand with a TV Box
  • Online with XFINITY Stream Portal
  • On mobile devices with the XFINITY Stream app
Note: The free preview will not be available via the following:

  • HBO and Cinemax linear channels
  • TV Everywhere's live linear streams on XFINITY Stream portal and app
  • TV Everywhere's HBO Now and MAX Now

Note: Some graphic and adult content intended for mature audiences may be available with the free preview.

This question, "HBO & Cinemax Free Preview," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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