HBO "Feature Presentation" from the 80's


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I find stuff like that fascinating.

Like Network News intros over time. I see if I can find a site that does those.

Did you know that John Williams wrote the current NBC Nightly News score? He also did some fantastic variations if not wrote a lot of the Olympic Fanfare and Marches.

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It also reminds me of NBCs 3 tone mini jingle (I think there is a word for it). Intel has there little mini jingle, for example. As soon as you hear it, you know its intel or NBC.


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The Olympics

Williams has composed music for four Olympic Games:

"Olympic Fanfare and Theme" – 1984 Summer Olympics, Los Angeles
Written specifically for the opening ceremonies. In a 1996 re-release, the opening trumpet fanfare was replaced with Bugler's Dream, a previous Olympic Theme written by Leo Arnaud. This recording has been used as the theme for NBC's Olympic coverage ever since.

"The Olympic Spirit" – 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul
Commissioned by NBC Sports for their television coverage.

"Summon the Heroes" – 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta, Georgia
Written in commemoration of the Centennial of the Modern Olympic Games. Premiering on July 19, 1996, the piece features heavy use of the brass and wind sections and is approximately six minutes in length. (Principal Boston Pops trumpeter Timothy Morrison played the opening solo on the album recording.) It has been arranged for various types of ensembles, including wind ensembles. This theme is now used prevalently by NBC for intros and outros to commercial breaks of the Olympics.

"Call of the Champions" – 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah


That's cool. :) Reminds me of my early 20's and going over to my parents house to watch HBO and Showtime occasionally because I was too poor to subscribe myself at my dinky apartment. ;)

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