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I am a subscriber to HBO through my Uverse account, but I cannot access my account through my MacBook--but I can through my iPhone? I'm sure that the reason is most likely because the MacBook is not a supported device. My question, then, is less concerned with how to get it to work since that seems more or less impossible, knowing AT&T, but instead is: why? Why can I not access the service that I pay for every month on one of my devices? Why would I only be able to access the service that I pay for every month on the devices that are within my home, rendering the need for HBO Go essentially null and void? I'm not sharing the password with anybody, I am just trying to use the password and the account for the service that I pay for every god_amn month.

I'm pretty sure I already know what the answer/s is/are going to be, but I'm interested to see what justifications are thrown my way.

This question, "HBO Go limited access," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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