HBO Go on Android TV not authorized by Comcast (New Thread) - XFinity

A previous post with the same subject as this was marked solved when indeed Comcast have not properly addressed the inquiry. I am re-opening the thread to bring attention to the need for Comcast to enable support on Android TV. Android TV is very common in most households, and customers of hundreds of other TV providers are enjoying the ease of running channel apps directly from their television. It is very discouraging that a major provider like Comcast would ignore this trend, when the stake of losing its customer base due to lack of this is quite high. Is there need to place publication on the NY Times in order for Comcast to pay attention to its customer base on this subject? I, like many Comcast customers would appreciate that Android TV support be made available to us at no capitalistic additional charge whatsoever. Thank you.

This question, "HBO Go on Android TV not authorized by Comcast (New Thread)," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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