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I have HD cable box from Comcast - same for the last 7-8 years - DCX3400.
We made such choice back then because its DVR capacity was 240hrs vs non-HD unit with 40 hrs.
My TV is still old analog 36" Sony Trinitron - it works Ok, and we often watch it from the angle (and it's a big problem with modern TVs) and we don't watch sports or other HD/UHD programs (even if we had 4k TV).

This HD cable box does downscaling OK (from say an HD program with 1080i to my analog TV's resolution).

Comcast offers us to place their newer model of HD cable box - one they currently give to new customers.
My question: would this new HD cable box (it probably already supports 4k resolution) perform downscaling better than my current one or worse (and then I should not get new one eventhough its DVR recording capacity is much-much better)?

Why am I asking? Because I know that in opposite case, in upscaling, older, non-4k TV models (HD 1080i) show non-HD stuff (480/720) much better than newer 4k UHD/SUHD models (which makes sense - it's easier to 'stratch' 480/720 to 1080 rather than to 4k pixels).

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