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From other boards I have seen that Comcast is in the process of establishing a national numbering system and, in the process, has introduced HD channel numbering beginning in the 1000's.The newly numbered channels also still appear in the channel guide at their old number. Here is the rub. Now, when migrating one of the channels to favorite status, both HD locations appear as favorites, making the favorite list twice as long as it should be and virtually useless as a customer option. Further, attempting to remove one of the channels removes both. I am looking for some assurance that, once the national line up is accomplished, this problem will go away
I spoke yesterday with customer reps at both my local facility and on the 800 number. All of them told me this was their first inkling of any problem, they had no idea if anything was being done or would be done about it. Hopefully someone at Comcast will see this post and respond.

This question, "HD channel reorg," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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Big Grande™

Add me to the list of concerned citizens. In the midst of many updates and improvements, doubling the number of Favorites is a considerable step back.

Here are a couple of freebies for you, XFINITY:

•****Keep 1002, 1004, etc. as options, but remove (or allow removing of) duplicate listings.
•****Channel guide should scroll after reaching the end of the listings.
•****Press a single button to get to the list of recordings (vs. current "Menu," "For You" or "Recordings" then "Enter")

For what it's worth...