HD channels as part of Economy package - XFinity


I recently added Internet Pro Plus which has the Economy channel package. The attached listing shows check marks for the HD versions of the channels, so I agreed to the package assuming I was getting the HD channels. When I saw I wasn't receiving the HD channels, i called and was told they are not part of the package. I found the only place where this is slightly mentioned is clicking on the information "i" in the circle, where it says "High-definition (HD) channels not available in all areas. HD equipment required. An HD Tech Fee of up to $10/month may be applied to your bill." It seems misleading to have the HD channels checked off as part of the package when the customer isn't clearly informed that there's a 10 dollar monthly fee.

This question, "HD channels as part of Economy package," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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