HD Channels Missing From Xfinity Stream App on Roku - XFinity

Since Xfinity on Demand has reached EOL on TiVo, I got a Roku Ultra specifically in order to be able to access Xfinity Stream (XS) on my TV. I use the app primarily for VOD, not live TV; however, I notice when browsing live TV that I am not receiving the HD channels on it to which I am otherwise authorized and which are viewable through the XS web portal and on my mobile devices (both Android and iOS). Since all of my saved Favorite channels are also HD, there are also no favorites listed on the app; and there is no search option to limit the channel listing to HD only. Again, this problem is exclusive to the Roku XS app.

I tried uninstalling the app on the Roku and then reinstalling it several times to no avail. I also confirmed that my Roku's SW is up to date. A fellow Comcast subscriber in my same area states that he does NOT have this problem even though his setup is apparently identical to mine (using TiVo, with a Comcast CableCARD as the only Comcast CPE). I therefore suspect that the problem may be related to a flag on my account or some similar roadblock. At the same time, I am aware that other users are reporting (on the TiVo Community Forum) that they are also missing the HD channels on their Roku app with no discernible cause.

I would appreciate feedback on how to resolve this issue.

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