HD not available for CBS channel 1002 (on demand). - DirecTV

A couple of days ago I discovered that the on demand channel (1002) for CBS does not have any
HD. Everything is SD only. All other on demand channels are OK. I reported this to customer service for
direct tv and as is usual was transferred to tech customer service (from ATT). Ive been this route before
with other issues and the result is always an escalation to yet higher tech support. This results in an email
acknowledging that the issue is being looked at and that I will be notified when it is corrected. It stops
there, never hear anything else. For this particular issue I find out from this forum that this was resported
a couple of years ago and the answer was that CBS supplies only SD and that we need to complain to Direct Tv
and CBS. Not a word about this from 3 different customer service and tech reps. Where do we make
a complaint to someone about the poor abilities of customer/tech support and to complain about CBS not
having HD on demand available???

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