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Am I the only one who has beyond belief horrible image quality with Comcast?! My dad has few TVs 1 of them being a 4K Vizio TV and used to live in an apartment where he couldn't get satellite signal so he could only get Comcast, but now he lives in a house and has DirecTV. I myself have a Sony 4K HDR Android TV and currently live in an apartment where I can't get signal for satellite, so I could only get Comcast. So when my dad used to have Comcast and I have Comcast now, it's like every channel is SD mixed in with HD(720P at best). So not quite SD and not quite 720P HD, kind of like a mix somewhere in between SD and 720P HD. There is even a lot times where the picture is even pixelated and or fuzzy. Then certain channels are overly bright(which has nothing to do with my TV settings). Plus not to mention Comcast is lacking, by not carrying a lot of HD channels compared to other service providers such as DirecTV. So like I said my dad purchased a home and now has DirecTV, and the TV quality has vastly changed while having DirecTV. I mean the TV actually upscales to 4K now, plus DirecTV even has 2 channels that are officially rendered and broadcasted in 4K(not upscaled). I mean why is Comcast image quality overall so bad?! I mean a lot of channels are sometimes unwatchable because it's so bad.

Comcast has came out to my house 4 times because of my image quality and they even notice it and acknowledge it, they even went to the main meter room with me and spent about 45 minutes in there trying to find the strongest signal out of every line in there. They even took someone elses line off and switched me with them, and this is still going on. They even told me that if they switch to anything else in the meter room the signal would actually be a downgrade because this is the best signal in the whole room(which they showed me on their portable device, and it was past the highest/best line on the device).

It even got to the point that I spoke to Comcast corporate office about this, and they even admitted the picture image quality to me, that on their own they gave me 2 months of free TV service because of it. But to be honest with you, I rather pay for the service and get the quality I'm supposed to get, rather than get 2 months of free service, but still have the horrible picture image.

So what are my options?! and what can I do?! Because I'm stuck with Comcast because I can't get signal for satellite, even though the building allows it. I mean I don't expect Comcast HD to be DirecTV HD image quality, no, but I expect Comcast to at least provide me normal no issues HD! Which seems impossible for them to accomplish at multiple service addresses!(Even with the older boxes, and the Xfinity X1 boxes).

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