HD Radio and MDTV - A good combination with small antennas?


Very cool to see TV makers teaming up HD radio and Mobile TV into one TV set and even though there aren't any official products out with both types of tuners, it looks like there will be.

What I'm getting at is.....................What are the odds that a little antenna is going to pick up BOTH signals in any given area. MDTV especially.

I have a crappy little nub of an antenna that came along with my USB ATSC tuner and it can't pick up but 2 channels and I'm less than 11 mile from broadcast towers. How are these MDTVs with even smaller antennas going to get the job done?


Don't know about reception with the new MDTVs but I'm guessing that the same antenna that's used for ATSC-M/H can be used to receive HD radio. I saw a few pictures from CES 2010 on these TVs but no working ones yet.