HD Ready TV


Of course I purchased a TV about 4 years ago without a tuner because I think there were still some issues about two different types of digital tuner technologies at the time, plus it saved me like $200. Anyway, I need a decent digital HD converter and absolutely cannot find one anywhere in stores. Found one at Amazon, but I'd like to check out a couple of different types before I make the purchase.


There isn't a very good market, yet, for digital tuners with HD outputs. I haven't seen any in any of my local stores. The one you found may be the best you can do.
Current list of OTA HD Converter Boxes according to Comparison of CECB units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coby DTV-140 (HDTV, component video)

Grandtec Tun-5000 (HDTV, component video)

PrimeDTV PHD-100, PHD-205 (QAM tuner, AC-3, S/PDIF, HDTV; the PHD-205 also provides VGA RGB output)

Samsung DTBH260F (HDMI, S/PDIF, component video, HDTV) and Samsung SIR-T451 (QAM, DVI, component video, HDTV, Dolby Digital)

Sylvania 6900DTE (DVI, component video, HDTV, Dolby Digital)

Tivax STB-T1 (component video, QAM tuner, Dolby Digital audio)

Winegard RC-1010 (HDTV, component video, Dolby Digital audio)
the coupons can only be used for the standard definition boxes. the signal gets down converted to 480i.

If you have an analog television it is impossible to display HD on it. Only SD.


I'm also considering buying an older HDTV (Samsung Model number: HLN437W1X/XAA
Serial number: 38553CFX400465F) for $250 that apparently doesn't have a tuner. Seems like a good value at that price from what I've read.

After spending a couple hours reading about this stuff, including on this site, it seems like all I'll need is one of the HD receivers from the list above, and some regular old rabbit ears. Is that right?