HD with a converter box?

I have a Sony Trinitron Wega that is HD ready and I have had HD TV service and the picture looked pretty good. Now that I am trying to cut the cord I know I need a digital tuner in order to view OTA HD on this TV, but from what I have read, all the outputs are analog. Am I missing something here? How do I get HD OTA broadcasts to this TV??

My other TV has a tuner so I'm only looking at one TV that needs a tuner.

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How do you know your Sony is "HD ready"? Please provide the Model Number of your set and we may be able to find its' specifications.



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It appears that it's 1080i Analog, and all you should need is a (good quality) Digital to Analog Converter.

I see that it also has a HDMI input, but I'm not sure if there are any Converters out there with that ?


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