HDCP 2.2 problem only with cable box hooked up



We have a Roku, PS3, and a cable box. When the cable box is hooked up through HDMI, any App used on the Roku or PS3 (at some point) will throw up an HDCP 2.2 error, barring us from watching anything on the Roku or PS3 until we jump through hoops such as unhooking cables.

We've tried:

3 different cable boxes (currently X1)

3 different cables (swapping them around, and at least one was supposed to be high-speed)

Swapped the HDMI cables across the different ports.

Restarting, unhooking, unplugging Roku, TV and Cable box. This will get rid of the error for a while, but it will come back.

We can plug in a PS3 and Roku into any of the HDMI ports and they work fine with no issue. As soon as any cable box is plugged into any HDMI port, the Roku and PS3 start throwing the 2.2 HDCP errors until the cable box is unplugged.

Changing resolutions on the Roku and TV to 720/1080, etc.

I just ordered 2 more "high speed" cables, but if these don't work, the only thing I've read I can do is buy an HDMI splitter which sometimes strips the "anti piracy" feature from the signal.

"HDCP 2.2 problem only with cable box hooked up," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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