HDMI switch that converts HDMI to IP?


From Cedia Expo 2009, this device from Just Add Power allows you to distribute multiple hdmi streams over an IP network. For $299. Pretty impressive considering how expensive other HDMI switches sell for.

Projector Connector: a solution for HDMI matrix applications that leverages a managed network switch to distribute multiple HDMI sources to multiple displays.

Because it's all IP you don't have to worry about exceeding the ins and outs of a typical matrix switch; and that's good because the limited offering for large frame HDMI matrix switches has handicapped the entire industry for years.

Here's how it works: an encoder unit (VBS-HDMI-308A) converts the HDMI signal to IP packets. This information passes through a managed switch on a specified VLAN. A networked receiver unit (VBS-HDMI0108A) decodes the signal at the display device.

The signal routing to each end point can be adjusted by controlling the network switch VLAN configuration via RS-232 or Ethernet. If a client wants to add another PS3 to the system just add another Encoder and set it up on the network.

I know that Netstreams developed a component-over-IP solution a while ago and it is very cool. It's also very expensive. Just Add Power's device for HDMI encoding is $299 and for decoding is $250. Add a managed switch and you are paying HDMI balun prices for an ever-expandable HDMI matrix switch!

Based on the manufacturer's specs the devices pass 1080p signal, are HDCP compliant, and support up to 5.1 digital audio via HDMI.

The receivers have an infrared eye to send IR commands to remote sources connected to the transmitters.
Dealer: HDMI over IP is ‘Game Changing’ - Cedia News Article from CE Pro
If you've got a mega setup like the one in the diagram, somethng like this could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

For smaller home theater setups, I don't think it'll be any cheaper to use. I still like it though, it is a great dea.

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