HDMI to Coaxial CAble - DirecTV

My new Rv has a cupboard where all the coaxial cables from the antenna withsubsequent coaxial to the TVs. The problem is my HR 24-100 (needed to power the portable dish) does not have a coalial out. It is impossible to run new cable to the TVs.

So far the only solution I can come up with is my old DVD burner has component in and an antennae (coax) out. I can run the HR24 component to the burner and then hook up the coax to its output.

I realize I only get SD television, but that is all I can get with my current dish anyway.

Any other thoughts to gt around the problem?

This question, "HDMI to Coaxial CAble," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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