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I suggest you try a Channel Master 4228HD aimed to your ESE. If you want to add more channels, we have several different solutions after you are setup.

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Wow, bipolar advice from two top experts! The ANT751R and the 4228HD are two very different antennas. The ANT751R is a small indoor/outdoor UHV/hi-VHF antenna. The 4221HD is a very large, expensive, outdoor antenna. (At least I've never heard of anyone installing one inside.) One expert advises you to point the antenna east-south-east, the other advises west-south-west (259 magnetic).

Since the posts came so close together, there may have been some cross posting going on. I think I'm going to stay out of this one. :bolt:



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Actually, I think I'd agree with Fringe. The OP's Richmond stations are flamethrowers at that location & will come in fine with that antenna aimed at VA Beach.
what do you all think about this antenna Terk - Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna
Unfortunately, it's tricky to link to Amazon. We can't tell for sure which antenna you're considering. My best guess is the flat "omnidirectional" antenna. I doubt that would be recommended by many experts for your location.

Why don't you wait a day or two for clarification. It's possible somebody misread your report.

I would stay away from the Terk antenna or any amplified antenna at your location. If you simply want a small, inexpensive antenna for reception of strong local signals. The green ones in your TV fool report. I would offer you the same advice as what dkreichen did. Knowing more about your needs would help. Does size, or cost matter? Are there near by trees, buildings, or other objects in the direction of transmitted signals? How high do you plan to mount the antenna? Do you want to try to receive the signals farther down the list on your report? I don't think anyone misread the report. It was simply two very different ways of looking at the situation.