HDTV as a monitor for a PC?

Yes it's possible. Does your your computer have an HDMI output? If it does, that will be the easiest and cheapest way to connect your TV. If not, you'll need a TV tuner.


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Some HDTVs have VGA inputs, others have HDMI. In either case the TV can be used as a monitor for a computer. I have a Dynex TV with an VGA input that I use as a monitor. Lots of newer computers also have HDMI outputs.


HDTV As A Monitor For A PC?

All of my computer monitors are Samsung TVs. Most are 19 inch, but I have one that is a 22 inch TV. All have the (PIP) Picture In Picture function. In fact, that is how I spend my time on my computer. As I surf the web, I have TV in the upper right corner with the PIP function.