hdtv coupons for converter box


never received the coupons yet. nobody can tell me anything. what do you do? they got this so messed up. that's so unfair. you get a ref# but nobody can tell you where your coupons are.
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it will come back as a automated form letter. not from a human. believe me i tried. that and snail mail do the same thing. they use boiler text (copied and pasted) and not a personal response. they really need manned phone support.

As i stated long ago i think they saw this complaint thing coming and they had no plans to either fix it or help people, just make it seem so and exclude so many. so obviously they're not going to have humans answer questions/complaints and again this is the US Government we're talking about here. they were only doing this to get publicity and hoping to eschew complaints that it was 'forced' on them and so they can not be blamed for the transition and not be liable for people 'paying for something they shouldn't' since the media would see it as 'well, the government is trying to buy you a box' it is always excuses and more excuses. what else is new?

And to make matters worse, anyone who sees this transition as forced on them is always looked down upon sadly as 'luddites' just because they want to supposedly 'stop progress' but that's not true. some people just want to choose to upgrade as they each see fit. a society of sheep acting on government whims is not the kind of world i want to live in. although i do like DTV itself. the transition is a sham.
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