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Hi guys, Im new to this forum as well as to your country and im trying to get settled as we speak! Goin okay so far, but I got a question about the internet. In Holland we have different types of contract you can subscribe to. How does that work and what's a good firm? I got this internet TV subscription in Holland (the middle one), what's a good replacement for that? Considering speed en costs... Hope Ive made myself clear, Im still learning English so... Hope to hear from you! Cheers


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Welcome to DTVUSAforum - and the USA!

Chances are your internet and TV choices are limited where you are here in the USA. If you can tell us what city / zip code you are in, that could hep us steer you in the right direction.

I assume by the "middle" choice you refer to the "extra" 16 - 2 Mb/s and I assume that is 16 down / 2 up. Choices are limited here in the USA, and you' ll probably be disappointed. Usually your choice is Cable (From your cable TV company) and DSL from the local phone company. You can get both TV and internet from your cable TV company, or you can use a satellite TV provider (Dish Network or DirecTV) if you are allowed to have a dish installed (I assume you are renting an apartment?)

You also should be able to get Free HDTV Over The Air if you use an antenna. If you enter you information here: TV Fool and post your results back here, we can tell you what you should be able to get FREE OTA with an antenna.

We're here to help.


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Hi Gyork!

Our broadband options seem to be similar to what your cable company offered in Holland. You may have a choice of several different providers depending on where you live.

If you can get internet and TV from Verizon FiOS where you live, I would take that. They run fiber optic cable directly to your home.

Next choice would be your local cable company. Many of them are now offering speeds of up to 100Mbps and a little more in some cases. My provider is rolling out 50Mbps and 100Mbps speed in January (tomorrow).

But maybe if you could tell us what your specific geographical area is we could give you an idea of what the options would be.

We also have two major satellite providers and of course free over the air digital TV (commonly known as FreeView in Europe, but known as OTA TV in the US).