HDTV & Region-Free DVD Players

D.V. Dee

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I'm interested in viewing DVDs of both NTSC & PAL formats...I found this Web site that features so-called "Region-Free" DVD players, that can play DVDs of NTSC & PAL, like the Phillips DVP5140:

Philips DVP5140 Multi Region DVD Player

However, a colleague warned me that I also needed an HDTV TV, with built-in NTSC & PAL capability, even though I'd have one of these Region-Free DVD players...

Is that the case? I hope not, because I only have a non-digital TV set, though with a digital converter....

Thanks for any clarifications!


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Yes -- both the VCR and/or DVD and the TV have to be able to play the PAL format. Now I've been told all the new TVs can do that. Older TVs cannot. I've yet to try it myself, but I want to as I do have some other region media. Think of it like HD. Your TV can be HD, but unless Cable broadcasts it in HD, you don't get it, AND the station has to broadcast it in HD. So --- it's 3 things that are necessary for you to really have HD -- the equipment, the carrier, and the station. This holds true for other region stuff -- gotta have the equipment in all areas.