HDTVs are getting slim!

Jason Fritz

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Went by our local electronics superstore today (Fry's Electronics), and was amazed by the latest flat panel LCDs. Samsung had a ton of LED LCDs on demo that were .3" think including their $5,000 55" model. Amazingly brilliant picture quality too. The 55" model looked to be composed of a stainless steel/reflective material for the frame which gave it a nice, sleek look.

Anyone seen any of the ultra slim HDTVs lately?


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No, I haven't, but I think they are thin already. I really hope to replace my big projection screen with a nice slim guy at the end of the year. We'll see what they have available then.

Fringe Reception

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A few months ago I posted my opinion about some new thin sets I viewed at my local Sears store. Unlike most sales floors their showroom was dark and although the pictures I saw were clear and adequate, my trained eyes noted A LOT of 'perimeter glow' around the sides of the screens. Daytime images looked perfect, but night time images had a profound perimeter 'halo' around the edges of the screens. Was the Fry's showroom you saw these sets in lighted or dark?



I have one of the thinner units, the Samsung PN58C8000. It's a fantastic display. I don't see any halo around the edge of the screen. Perhaps it has something to do with room lighting?