Headphones for PSP

Not speakers but.. wasn't sure where best to put this. =P

I'm a Silent Hill fan and want to play Silent Hill 0 for PSP with a nice pair of headphones... the ones they come with just don't cut it. ;) It's a great game and having proper headphones makes it that much better. Buuuut.... I don't know a lot of about them, and want to get a moderately priced pair of good quality. Any suggestions?

Thomas G

I like the Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones. They're about $85, and produce some of the best sounds if you listen to music or game. There are many different choices depending on how much you spend.


with Sony Headphones With Remote Control PSP,bring movie and video game soundtracks to life. Inner ear headphones provide a snug, secure fit while the remote control feature means you never even have to reach over to the main controls. Ideal for use with PlayStation Portable.