Headphones with all-in-one system



I am new to this forum, so apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. I am about to invest in an all-in-one sound system to go with my projector. I have decided to keep my budget fairly low on this (£400 = about $600) and then upgrade it in a few years, as I have already spent a lot on the projector. So I've been looking at a couple of systems namely LG HX966TZ (LG HX966TZ Home Cinema System - 3D-Capable Blu-ray Disc) and Panasonic SC-BTT775 (Panasonic SC-BTT775 review from the experts at whathifi.com). On neither of these systems can I see any reference to a jack where I could plug in a set of headphones. Is this commonly missing on such systems? How do people use headphones to watch TV and/or listen to music with this kind of setup? My projector doesn't have any kind of audio inputs or outputs at all.

Thanks for any advice.