Help! DVR40 exporting to Hard Drive? - DirecTV DVR

For Help! DVR40 exporting to Hard Drive?, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have recently purchased a high-end plasma unit and would like to archive cherished recordings from my previous DirecTV box. The DVR40 has now been replaced by an HD10-250. I have no use for the old dvr other than perhaps listing it on ebay. I am very savvy with computers (both WinXP, and Mac OS X), but not so with video/audio stuff. Please advise. Happy Holidays!

1) RCA DirecTV unit purchased 9/04. Would like to export data ideally unto LaCie external hard drive via Mac OS X (10.4.3) via eyetv 500 ( I found this posting recently: (look at the second posting on that thread) Is this possible? If so please provide with instructions/guidance. Have attempted it without success. I have also attempted unsuccessfully to burn to DVD with a recently purchased Pioneer unit (later returned).

2) I've just also discovered that 8 hours of recording were apparently deleted by the box. After inactivating the box I attempted to burn to DVD. Somehow it appears that the "keep until I delete" setting for each show was altered without me knowing (or intentionally changing them). Has that data been lost forever?

3) Since I own the box, may I retrieve its hard drive and transfer data that way?