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I live in southern wisconsin ,zip code 53566 and want to pick up Rockford, Illinois stations. The transmitters are only 33 miles to the southeast. I mounted a RCA Ant 751 in my attic and pointed it at 130. The picture went in and out. I tried an amplifier from Walmart, but it didn't help. I especially would like to pick up Fox 39 , which seemed to be the worst. Would a larger "old Fashioned" mast antenna help, or do I need one of those HD Amplified units? I would prefer to keep it in my attic. Help!!:D
The words amplified and HD are more sales gimmick then anything else. Go here.
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Get a report for your location. Post a link to it. Then we can make suggestions as to what you might want to try.


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The stations I am trying to get are:
(54) WREX ID: "WREX 13 NBC"
City: Rockford, IL
Owner: Quincy Newspapers
Web Site: Home -
Station Info: Digital Full-Power

17 WTVO City: Rockford, IL
Owner: Mission Broadcasting
Web Site: | News, Weather, Sports, Rockford - - Powered by WTVO-TV and WQRF-TV
Station Info: Digital Full-Power

(41) WIFR City: Freeport, IL
Owner: Gray Television
Web Site: 23 WIFR | Rockford, Illinois | News, Weather, & Sports
Station Info: Digital Full-Power

39 WQRF ID: "FOX 39"
City: Rockford, IL
Owner: Nexstar
Web Site: | News, Weather, Sports, Rockford - - Powered by WTVO-TV and WQRF-TV
Station Info: Digital Full-Power

The report link is on top of this post- Thanks
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:welcome: Jimpro17,

The six strongest stations on your TV Fool Report are all to the north. With those six stations you would get what many would call an ideal lineup: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox and The CW. Another nice thing is there are no VHF stations among the top 6, so a simple 4-bay bowtie would be more than adequate.

I really don't see anything particularly unique or important in the four south-east stations. Knowing this, do you still want to concentrate on Rockford? It's your call. You're the ultimate expert on what you want!

The ANT751R is a good antenna with enough gain to get the Rockford stations you mentioned. For that reason I suspect there are materials in your roof or attic that interfere with RF waves. (Shingles on the roof, by any chance?) This is very common, and explains why a roof antenna is a better gamble for most people.

If you could set up an Antennas Direct C2-V outside, clear of any trees or buildings to the north and south-east, you should be able to get the stations from both directions -- a total of 10 stations or about 25 channels including the subchannels. No guarantees, but that's how it looks on the Fool Report.

You might also consider a two antenna system with an A/B switch or two tuners. (That's what I use to get Milwaukee and Chicago from Kenosha.) You might actually wind up spending less this way, since you already have the 751R, and a huge antenna isn't needed for those signal strengths -- unless you're totally committed to stay in the attic. In that case, two big antennas is your one slim hope. A two antenna system is a stronger solution, since even the C2-V with its wide beam width, is working overtime at 115 degrees.

First thing is to check and double check all your connections and coax between antenna and TV. (Can you get a TV up there with a short run of cable, just for a test?) Then try moving the ANT751R around the attic, to see if there's a magic spot that lets the RF waves in through some crack in whatever obstruction is killing you.

Unless you're splitting to multiple TVs or have more than 50 feet of coax cable, I really doubt an amplifier is going to do much good. Maybe you can return it ... ? But if the coax and connectors check out A-OK, and that magic spot evades you, there are several ways you could go with this set up. We really need more input from you to advise properly.

- Is a roof or mast mounted antenna totally out of the question?
- Are you interested in trying to get both groups of stations -- north, as well as south-east?
- If you only care about one direction, which will it be? Six strong, stations from the north with a nice lineup, or Rockford now and forever??

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