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Is there anyone who can come to a mid-rise elderly apartment community to assist residents with hooking up their converter boxes?
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It would be good to list a city to possibly find a volunteer from this forum Charm.

We are not geared up at all to do that kind of assistance here, more helping people via this forum do things themselves. However you never know who will read your post and might be there.

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Hi Charm, welcome to the forum :), have you checked with your local Best Buy about installation of the converter boxes? Have the converter boxes already been purchased?

Best Buy is offering free installation (if you qualify) if converter boxes are purchased from their location until June 30, 2009. Here's a post with a little more info about it:


Charm, you're in luck: The FCC has hired contractors to provide free, in-home assistance of the kind you seek, everywhere in the nation. Your group is pretty much exactly the type of people the agency had in mind when it established the program! Visit The Digital TV Transition: Local DTV Resources, enter your ZIP code in the "Get Help Locally" box near the top, left-hand side of the page, click on the search magnifying-glass icon, and scan the resulting list of names and phone numbers for organizations providing in-home assistance.

You'll want to act fast. This is a temporary program in conjunction with the DTV transition; it will end in your area once people stop asking for help. I don't think the help will be available beyond July 31, regardless of demand.


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Best Buy Geek Squad

Yes, Charm,

I had trouble hooking up the box and called them. If you are in San Bernardino area and you have anything else hooked up to your TV and it requires anything else besides plugging the converter box in, don't bother to call the Geek Squad.

I had to beg them to not leave (the TV was on my bed)
They complained the entire time they were there
They said "we only plug them in, we don't move anything or adjust anything, that's not part of the deal"
When they left I could not use the TV.

I fiddled around with it myself for 4 hours and by accident got it working.
But then, when June 12th came, most of my channels disappeared as the major stations are in LA and they don't feel like sending out a strong enough signal for me to pick up. When I do pick them up it's after 20 or more minutes of fiddling with the antenna to get it "just so". Then the signal usually freezes before the program is over.

So, my suggestion is get a friend or family member to hook it up.

The Geek Squad gets paid $99 from the government per installation, but, unless they can just plug it in and leave (2 minutes) they are not the ones (at least not in this area).

Too bad they never called to see if I was a satisfied customer.


Is there anyone who can come to a mid-rise elderly apartment community to assist residents with hooking up their converter boxes?
In Aledo IL 61231, the Senior Citizen Center is helping people hook up their boxes. Most problems here are reception issues however. Our church people help also. People in the Housing Authority have requested my help on a few occasions.
Your apartment manager should have a list of people that might help.


If you're having troubles, heaven help those in Leisure World at Seal Beach nearby. This place:

Previously their worries consisted of the wildlife making a mess on their lawns, now, it's receiving digital TV. I see a lot of the condos still sporting old antennas. I don't know if they're still using them for Tv or have decided to go back to their old form of entertainment:

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Oh yes -- the wonderful Geek Squad. I wrote my own post about their so-called helpfulness. In my opinion, they're useless. If you can, find someone else.