Help: Indoor Antenna Recommendations for San Francisca, CA (TV Fool link included)



Hi all-

Am moving to SF in a week and am finally using this as the impetus to finally cut cable :)

With that in mind, I'd love some help to try and find the best indoor antenna/setup based on my location- without necessarily spending hundreds of dollars.

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Thanks in advance!


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Just about any unamplified indoor antenna will work. An amplified antenna would probably overload. Suggestions would be a RCA ANT111 or 112, Winegard Flatwave, or the original Mohu Leaf.
Is there a reason you're committed to an indoor setup? The reason I ask is it's impossible to guarantee you'll get anything indoors, even with such an excellent TV Fool Report. On the other hand, indoor is always worth a shot, given the ease/cost/safety factor.

It's possible a simple rabbit ear / loop combination, like the RCA ANT111R is all that you need. You can get one at Walmart for about $10, or there's a deal on eBay for a lightly used one for $6.99 . RCA ANT111R Basic Indoor Passive HDTV TV Antenna | eBay

If it doesn't work planted on top of the TV, you should try to find a "sweet spot," by moving it around -- maybe higher, and maybe close to a south or west facing window.

If you do have windows to the south or west, you might want to try an HD Blade antenna from Solid Signal. Solid Signal HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat Indoor TV Antenna (HDBLADE) from Solid Signal

It looks a little better than rabbit ears, and you can stick it right in the window. You have two important stations coming in on high VHF, so you definitely don't want the mini version, and you definitely don't want the amped version with all those strong signals. I recommend you get the plain one without a cheap cable attached. You can buy your own quad shielded RG6 cable for about a dollar a foot on eBay or slightly more from Solid Signal.

If that doesn't work out for you, don't give up on OTA! You might have to go with a larger/uglier/costlier indoor antenna, or you might have to take it outdoors. It's certainly worth the trouble to avoid those $^%! cable bills! :duh:



great, thanks for the recommendations! I am thinking about indoors now as we are renting the place for the first 6 months and may move afterwards so would rather the most temporary solution as possible. Will look into the above and see what I can find. Thanks!