Help me Pick A New Series on Netflix


I have exhausted Longmire, waiting on new Breaking Bad releases. Same for Walking Dead. madmen is being filmed. I watched 24 for a while but it got too formulaic. Disater, drama, resolution and ending on disaster...each show.

I watched some of The Office-kinda funny. Portlandia is way too close to work with all the sustainability hoops to jump through while burning up energy to do it.

Oh yea. hell On Wheels-waiting on new releases.

What to watch?
Yeah, i go through those phases on Netflix as well. Not sure if you've already seen these, but in no particular order the ones that I pretty much blew through the entire season over a weekend recently are:
- Orange is the New Black
- Arrow (23 episodes in the season which surprised me)
- White Collar (4 seasons from 2008-2012).


Feb 14th is the start of Season two of House of Cards. I liked that series a lot. Walking Dead is kinds dumb but once I got into the characters I could suspend disbeliefe more. Haha.
Wheh hew! I'll mark the opening of House of Cards on my calendar for Netflix. I'm good with suspending disbelief when watching fiction...heck sometimes when you watch non-fiction you have to suspend disbelief!!! Sounds like the teenager will be watching Walking Dead with me tonight after them Mom goes to bed :)

That being said, on a totally different note, our 15 year old just came home saying she had no trouble getting into the R-Rated Lone Survivor movie....what happened to the movies actually checking the IDs of teens for these? She went with another teen...I've seen the movie, so told her if she could get in, I was fine with it.
Yeah, some of my favorite programming in the past year+ has actually been the Netflix original programming. That and just more TV shows would make me use the service more. Of course, I can't complain. Every 2-4 movies or shows that we watch on the service makes me check off the "service is worth the value" box each month.
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