Help needed.. - DirecTV

1. Dec. 2016 I moved (within my apartment complex) while AT&T was offering a $300 reward card for moving and keeping services.
2. They screwed up on the transfer, cable/wifi shut off (on a football Sunday).
3. Customer service talked me in to DTV, guaranting $300 in rewards cards, and a cheaper bill.
4. My apartment faces east, DTV tech couldn't set me up, 2 hours later I'm back with AT&T.
5. Spoke with a retention rep who guaranteed I would still receive $300 in rewards cards due to all that I went thru.
6. I received 1 $100 card, and I called customer service. I was told that I would receive that 1, and then 2 more shortly after.
7. I have spent multiple hours either online chatting or speaking to customer representatives, or just hours on hold in a queue, to still have no resolution.
8. Just tonight, I chatted with a rep (they are all still in S.E. Asia), who then had his Supervisor call me. He told me that he would connect me directly to someone in the reward center. For 2 months I've never spoken to anyone in that department, I then immediately get a call from a restricted number and the man transferred me directly back to the queue I've forever sat in.
9..... I'm exhausted! $200 is $200 to anyone who does, or does not, have money.

This question, "Help needed..," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.