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Problem with local station

I live in Muskogee, OK. We decide to give up cable and go with an antenna and a tivo OTA about a year ago. Everything has been great. We get all the channels we were wanting. I have a RCA ANT751R with the Winegard LNA-200. We live in a two story house. They are mounted about 15 feet high on the roof. I used a j pipe mount that had a dish on it when we moved in. I'm not sure the exact length, but I ran new RG-6 Quad shield cable for everything. They only problem we are having, is channel 45 (6.1) skips and pixelates when it is windy or raining. It will generally come in fine any other time. We live in a neighborhood with trees everywhere. I bought another j pipe and was planning on moving the antenna higher up to the eave of the house. That would put it about 25-30 feet high. I found out my ladder was not tall enough to reach it and my roof is steeper than I feel comfortable with climbing. Even if I move the antenna, it won't be higher than the trees around me.
Now that all this long winded stuff is done, here is my questions. Should I try to get the antenna higher, or try a different antenna, will grounding the antenna help any with the signal, or is there some other avenue I should be exploring. shows all the channels we are trying to get are in their green zone.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated. The only experience I have had with antennas was being a kid helping my dad with his. Thank you in advance.
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:welcome: Dopeylee,

If you would post the resulting URL from your antenna survey, it would help us determine what may be wrong and what to do about your reception problem. If channel 6.1 is real RF-6, the ANT751 is not a good choice for an antenna.

Higher antenna height isn't necessarily what needs to change. A clean signal may be a couple feet lower or to the right or left of where it is currently mounted.


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