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I have been using my Dtv box since they converted now it seems 2 stations dont pick up any signal at all those being NBC and ABC. The other ones that come in Fox comes in perfectly on 2 channels and CBS is fine as well is there any reason why it would simply drop those 2 channels? When you switch to that channel to get a signal reading it is not even registering so I am kind of at a loss here as to what could be causing this. They all worked until maybe 4-5 days ago

Thanks in advance

Also the channels that are coming in are HI-V band while the ones that cant come in are UHF band if that makes any difference, and all this right before the NFL starts up Grrr
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Well, those are two of the strongest stations in your area so poor reception can be ruled out.
I assumed you've done a rescan.
Try punching in channels 43 and or 46 on the converter box and see if that brings either channel in.


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We need to know more about your equipment. What kind of DTV box? What kind of antenna? Indoor, attic, or outdoor?

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I see nothing in your TVfool that would be a problem. My best guess would be a problem @ the transmitters. I lost a channel myself this weekend due to a tower being out. I just will wait, and they'll have it fixed.

If the problem hasn't resolved itself, try finding a neighbor who uses an antenna too and find out if they lost the channels also. If you have no neighbors with an antenna, try going to the stations web sites and find a contact email address in the engineering department, and ask if there is a problem.

If all that fails, stop back and we'll help you figure it out.

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I note your TVFOOL antenna survey is based on your zip code which is likely to be very inaccurate. Reception of FREE DTV signals is dependent on specific locations and the correct choice of an antenna for that specific location.

My zip code covers the entire west side of a hill and an antenna appropriate for the top of this hill would be used best as a boat anchor, much lower down the hill side.

It would help us help you, if you plug in your address or better yet a GPS coordinance: the resulting URL will automatically conceal all of your personal details.


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