help request-20th floor apartment

I live on the edge of Memphis ,TN .. I live in a highrise on the Mississippi River but my apartment faces Arkansas... I can get a few stations now.. but mostly from Arkansas.... Right now I'm using a cheaper set of amplified rabbit ears inside (I get more local channels this way but not great reception) and outside I have an indoor RCA smart antenna (to get the Arkansas channels)...Any outdoor antenna suggestions?... I'm about 200 ft up... and there is one building to my left as I stand on my balcony


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We'd love to help = but your link is a dead end. Please try again!

I generated a report from your zip code only, and it shows you probably have a great view of the river, but your TV should suck if you are on the west side. I'm suspecting your building is going to block anything from the Memphis direction, and you've also got some stations in the VHF band - high and lo.., so you'll need an antenna that can do at least VHF- hi.

If you can give up your river view and move to the east side of the building, you'd have great TV. Got any friends on the east side, LOL?

Also, can you tell us what stations you ARE getting now?
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Oh.. Sorry about that... thanks... TV Fool

I'm really not getting alot of stations very consistantly.. From my outdoor antenna I'm getting PBS stations KTEJ 19.1/19.2/19.3 out of Jonesboro Arkansas.. Also KAIT 8.1/8.2/8.3 out of Jonesboro... are are not very good reception at times... and WWTW 34.1 out of Senetobia,Mississippi... On my indoor antenna (as close to my front door as possible) I get ``
local CBS 3.1/3.2
local NBC 5.1/5.2
This TV 5.3
Local PBS WKNO 10.1/10.2
Local WPTY 24.1
Local WLMT 30.1
local RetroTV 30.2
TBN 40.1 christian
Church 40.2 christian
JCTV 40.3 christian
SOAC 40.5 christian
W50EA-D 42.1 christian
3ABN-PR 42.2 christian
VTN 48.1 christian
ION 50.1
qubo 50.2
ionlife 50.3
worship 50.4
WDNM 59.1 christian

None really come in consistantly

thanks in advance
Haaa.... Yeah I used to live on the East side... I did get alot more channels.. But then I moved right across the hall and most channels dropped... I can get a few channels with my inside antenna (placed as far east as I can get in my apt---- refer to list above this post)