Help! Sudden problem with HDR on X1



Hi all.
I have a Sony XBR-65X930e TV. I started having a problem with HDR content when using the Prime Video app on the X1 box. If I use Android TV there's no problem, it's only happening on the X1 box.

As of yesterday, when I attempt to watch an HDR show on Prime Video via the X1 it switches into a mode that makes everything on the screen dark. The entire picture goes dark -- and the buttons change from yellow to orange. Once it switches to this mode it's stuck that way for *anything* within the Prime Video app.

If I exit out of the Prime Video app (again, on the Xfinity X1 box) everything goes back to normal. If I then go back into the Prime Video app everything is normal *UNTIL* I select an HDR show, and boom, it clicks back to the dark screen mode. A couple of times I even heard a click-like audible sound when it switched over.

Note that this happens before I even start the show, it's on the show's "info" page when it happens (but only when it's an HDR show or movie).

I tried a different HDMI cable, but it didn't help (although the problem did not exist before yesterday so I didn't expect it to). I also tried switching to a different HDMI input, but no luck.

Anyone know what might have happened? Again, it only started yesterday, everything was fine for the past couple of years.

Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

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