help - TWC TV and Apps

On top of the P-6 and P-700 display messages when it decides to work, I can only view as much as four hours out of this on Roku. I have contacted Roku on this and they claim it is TWC and have contacted TWC and they claim it is Roku. The message uses the same colors as a P-700 or P-6 message but says 'Press OK to continue using the application' for about a minute. After the minute is up it goes blank for a few seconds cutting before off audio and video and then displays 'Press OK to continue' for about 5 minutes . If we press OK on our remote it continues to play the feed. If not after about 5 minutes it goes back to home screen. There is not a setting on the Roku itself for this and there is also not a setting to adjust on TWC TV app itself. I would just like for this to stop but don't know how without a setting here. Please help me thank you.

This question is about "help", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.