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I'm an OTA noob and am trying to sort out my antenna configuration. I am using a Clearstream 4 for picking up channels about 60 miles to the north and another Clearstream 2 for channels about 12 miles to the south. I only want to pre-amp the bigger CS4 right? So what I'm asking is should I put a pre-amp between the CS4 and the splitter that connects the two antennea? I am also going to be splitting the signal into 6. Two TVs upstairs about 20' from the antenna and 4 downstairs where the runs could be over 100'. My thought was this. Two antennea into one, three way splitter for two up stairs and sending coax to the downstairs where it is put into a 4 port distribution amplifier to the other 4 TVs. Am I thinking right?

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If the stations your attemping to pick up are approximately 180 degrees (north and south) of each other you probably will do better with just the C4 pointed north. We would know more if you would post the URL for the "radar plot" for your location from TV Fool. Trying to connect two antennas will introduce a significant loss (the signal received on one antenna rebroadcasts on the other) and the chance that you will induce serious multipath signals. The C4 will probably be strong enough to pick up the 12 mile stations on the rear of the antenna while picking up the 60 mile stations from the front.

I'd try the splits without an amp first, but if you find you need one you will want to put a low noise amp before the cable splitters. Generally people use a mast mounted pre-amp (to get it as close to the antenna as possible), but I'm currently using a Kitz KT-100VG in my crawlspace, and it works great.
DK, Thanks for the response. Here's my TVFool URL TV Fool My one major concern is the local FOX affiliate is on a VHF channel. I don't think my C$ will pick it up even with it being within 15 miles.

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