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You wrote your antenna is facing north, but the cluster of channels are coming from your south! First, reverse your antenna so it faces south. Next, your ABC affiliate is a high-band VHF channel and your current antenna is not designed to receive VHF. You have (OWN) you deck, so you can install a different antenna to try to capture ABC - if reversing your current antenna doesn't work for you.

I'm using my xbox one with the Mohu 50 and adapter. I seem to get everything i expected relatively clear except for ABC which doesn't show up even after I scan multiple times moving my antenna around. I'm on the 3rd floor (Top floor) of my apartment complex with sliding door (where my antenna is currently) facing North.

So, I'm not familiar with your particular apartment complex, but I'm guessing by this that you have a northern exposure, not a southern one. If it's anything like the apartments I've lived in, there's a unit between you and a clear view to the south.

I'd say you have two options:

1) You can get a different antenna that's designed to pick up VHF. Old-style rabbit ears are often pretty effective at this, at least with VHF-Hi, and I'm guessing it's channel 8 that's not coming in. I have three sets of these in my home (I'm currently working on a single antenna setup) and based on your TV Fool I'd bet they'd work reasonably well, unless there's just too much interference from your southern neighbor's unit or there's some other interference. Or you can choose a different type that's designed to pick up VHF signals. You can find these at Home Depot, Walmart, or on Amazon, or virtually any other electronics dealer.

2) You can get a directional antenna. I don't recommend this simply because you're in an apartment and that makes placement more difficult, but it may be appropriate for your needs. Mohu antennas are mostly Omni-directional, meaning that pick up signals equally from every direction. Directional antennas are best when they're pointing directly at a source, and usually lose most signals more than about 30 to 40 degrees off that axis. So in your case, you might find that a directional antenna pointed south gets everything--except channel 5 (KXDA). Or, it might pick up channel 5 because the signal is strong enough. It's hard to say.