Question: Help with antenna gain issue


From Charlotte, NC
Due HOA restrictions, I have set up two ota antenna in my attic. The one pointing to the northeast works great for ABC, CW, IND, 2 PBS stations.
The one pointing to the Northwest pulls in NBC good. However, Fox and CBS are at odds.
CBS is 318 Magn, 26.5 miles, and 1Edge
Fox is 320 Mang, 25.1 miles, and 2Edge
Both have same transmission power and similar NM(dB) and Pwr(dBm)
I bought an antenna with an adjustable gain control. In order to get good CBS, gain must be set at near minimum. In order to get good Fox, gain must be set a near maximum.
Is there an automatic gain control for ota antenna?

Jim Navotney

No amplifier can turn a poor antenna into a good one so if it's a small antenna, it has small performance especially on vhf.
You would be likely better off buying two RCA ANT751 antennas and a combiner

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