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I want to be able to get my 4 local channels in HD. Right now we have an old (70's) roof mount antenna and sometimes we get NBC HD, and that is it.

I went to my local tv shop today and he has "antennacraft" and "terrestrial Digital" antennas.

I live about 60 or so miles from Huntington/Charleston WV, that is where I pick up my locals.

Does anyone have any ideas on a type of antenna to get? We do have so tree interference issues as well.

Antennas Direct 91XG UHF Antenna for uhf Digital stations mounted 4 ft over a
Winegard YA1713 VHF Antenna. Channel Master Titan 7777 preamp to combine the two antennas signals it has one vhf and one uhf input and one output. a Channel Master 9521a rotator about 20 to 30'+ antenna height from the ground.
If you just need UHF then drop the VHF antenna and use a wine guard 4800 pre amp. some places all the post transition channels will be UHF with one or two High VHF most UHF antennas will get the High VHF. if you have Low VHF post trans then you will need both antennas.
to find out go to put in your address and zip it will give you a radar graphic and list of channels it will tell you which will be UHF and which will be VHF this will help you decide and help you determine where to point your antennas. if the Channels are not more than 10 to 20 degrees apart on the compasss you may get all without a rotator.
you can find these online if not local in your area.
Also the Antenna Craft U8000 is a good UHF antenna for 60 mile range.
The type of antenna you need will all depend on how far you are from the transmitters and your location.

Post your TVfool plot and we can further assist you.
if you want channel 13 go with the deep fringe prescription, if not use the 91-xg antennas direct with the channel master pre amp instead of the wineguard 4800. get as much height as possiable as all your channels are 1-2 edge and topo so thw 91-xg can be tilted up 15 degrees to shoot over hills etc. if 27, 43,17,26 are not important you can do without the rotator and point at 140 degrees but if you want to fine tune a rotator would be worth while.
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Thanks. I am having trouble understanding some of the terminology.

I want 3,8,11,13 and maybe 30 and would LOVE HD on most of those.

The trees are only 30 yards or so from where the antenna will be mount and it worries me seeing them starting to "fill out" this time of year.

What does "Deep Fringe" mean?

Sorry for the questions but I am ignorant when it comes to antennas.
deep fringe is anything over 50 miles from transmitters you will need the 91-xg at least with a pre amp. trees will cause some problem but not a lot. 30ft is recommended for height for antenna. any antenna will get HD if the channels are broadcast in HD. there is no such thing as an hd antenna. marketing sceem.
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Yes and REMEMBER, the higher you get it so there is nothing in the way, the better . You want to get the clearest path you can possibly get so the signals hit your antenna.

XG-91 is the model # of the antenna he's referring to. It's good for deep fringe areas and you can tilt it to get over the topography

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