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I would like some help selecting an antenna. I currently have satellite. To test reception I put together a 4 bay bowtie (no solder, stripped an old coax and twisted the wires to connect to the antenna and placed it in a window near a TV). I was was able to pick up all strong signals listed in my TVfool report

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except vhf channel 12. Which was to be expected. Some of the signals would break up occasionally. I was considering a Winegard 7694 or 7697. Is the larger antenna overkill? I really do not see needing the weaker signals. I will be feeding three televisions; two about fifty feet from the antenna and another 80 to 100 feet away. What type of splitter would be needed?
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I think the Winegard 7694 would be a good choice. On the signal split keep in mind a 3 way is normally not a balance split. If you are using existing coax it may not have been installed in away that keeps losses to a minimum.
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The lowest loss side needs to be on the longest cable run.
I have to admire your ingenuity in taking time to put something together and giving it a try even if it's not right. If you have the time, tools, and skills a well designed and correctly built 4 bay may be all of the antenna you will need. While I am not one who recommends an UHF antenna to receive VHF signals your channel 12 signal should be strong enough to be received on a well built 4 bay.
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Keep in mind some commercial built 4 bay antennas use baluns that will not pass VHF signals. Your direct connect 4 bay could cause signal problems even on UHF channels.

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