Help with Antenna type


Hope I did this right, first time poster:


Needing antenna suggestions. Currently have Comcast for TV only so internet not an issue.
Plan to roof mount by the Comcast cables and connect to 4-5 tv's thru the Comcast.

Have read too many websites and totally confused about what type of antenna to purchase.
Paying $195 Comcast for TV only and they wanted to reduce by only $28 to keep me as a customer.

Want CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX ota.

Thanks for your help.
If you want Fox you will need an antenna with some VHF capability. The first antenna that comes to mind would be the Winegard HD7694P. Your signals are predicted to be strong. A smaller RCA ANT751, or Clearstream 2v might work.
If you have nearby trees, or buildings in the signal path it can significantly degrade, or eliminate the signal.

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