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First I know zero about electronics but I got a quote of over $400 for an antenna set up from a national vendor and decided to look around some more. I came across this site Gray Hoverman Antenna build and it seemed easy enough so I built it. It works but I think perhaps it can work better if I add the right parts. I filled out the questionnaire.

General Questionnaire for an OTA (Free TV) System Installation

What is your primary objective (check the line applicable) :
I don’t want to spend much, just want a few Local Stations:___.
I want as many as I can reasonably get:_x__.
I want the best system I can, to replace my Cable/Satellite Service:___.
I want to get EVERYTHING I can, cost is NO object:___.

Main Assembly:
What kind of Terrestrial Antenna do you presently have:
(Make/Model/None): home built gray hooverman.

Is the Antenna to be/or installed:
On top of your TV (same Room), Attic, Rooftop or Pole: Pole mounted

If in Attic, Roof or outside separate Mast/Pole:
How high above ground is your Antenna installed/proposed:
._18 ft.

Do you have an Antenna Rotator:
(Make/Model/None): no

Are you presently using a Pre-Amplifier:
(Make/Model/None): No. but I do have an RCA 4 output 10db amplifier

How many linear Cable feet is it between your Antenna and the most far TV

How many TV sets will be/are presently being used, on this system:

How many Splitters are in use in your system:
Number & Qty of outlets for each? 1

Are you using a Distribution Amplifier:
(Make/Model/None): Yes
Aditional Information:
Are you/do you plan to integrate Cable or Satellite Services with this system:

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I get a good signal but a few stations fade in and out. I can get channels 2/4/7/11/16/38/. 7, 11. 42 tend to be inconsistent.

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My antenna survey is similar to yours, with stations at four different compass points. I have tested a dozen or more different antennas here including a 16-Bay Hoverman at about 15 feet above ground level but I ended up using a Channel Master 4221 4-Bay with an antenna rotor mounted about 28 feet above ground level. In many situations antenna height is more important than an antennas 'gain'.

Hoverman antennas are quite large and the home-brew example on that website would require a very sturdy mast or tower to support it during a windstorm. You might have better results using a smaller antenna such as an 8-Bay or even a 4-Bay if you could raise it higher than 18 feet. Is it possible for you to mount a much smaller antenna significantly higher?