help with minneapolis dtv reception

hey, guys! first time poster, here. hope i don't overwhelm you guys, but i'm trying to be thorough. for consistency, all channels are real, not virtual.

here's some info:

  • my tv fool link
  • antenna: terk hdtva, facing window, pointed toward towers, dipoles extended about 15 inches and at a 90 degree angle from each other
  • antenna is on top of an xbox, next to a speaker, and less than a foot from my plasma.
  • antenna wiring: the wiring that came with the hdtva, w/ power on
  • receiver: samsung dtb-h260f
  • channels i receive w/ little dropout: 29, 45, 25, 34, 23, 9, 40
  • channels i receive w/ heavy dropout: 35
  • channels i don't receive at all: 22, 32, 14, 16, 11, 43
  • channels i'm most interested in receiving: 32 and 11

in theory, here is what's between me (green arrow) and the towers (red):

in reality, this is what i see, when i look out my balcony window:

some random curiosities:
  • 40 comes in perfectly, even though it's three times the distance and 90 degrees in the other direction of the other towers (my antenna is not pointed towards it, at all)
  • 45 comes in perfectly, while 35 is spotty and 22 is non-existant, even though they all transmit from the same tower (telefarm towers)
  • just for sh*ts, i extended the dipoles all the way out and almost horizontal, and held the antenna pointed straight north. in this fashion, i was able to get 42 (a cbs station from 100 miles south of me!).

any tips for getting 32 and 11?

thank you!
- claudio

ps: is there anyone here from minneapolis that wants to talk about channel 9's mislabeled psip? "9-2 kmsp sd" is the only thing that comes in for me under real 9, and it appears to have some programming (the news) in hd. at my dad's "9-1 kmsp hd" is in sd, and "9-2 kmsp sd" is in hd. haha.


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Greetings claudio welcome to the Forum :welcome:

If only all would overwhelm us with such a GREAT first Post ! :cheer2:

IOW thanks for the Picks and Chart, but from what I see, it looks like you got a stack of buildings between you and the Towers. I'm not too sure just what you can do about that, other than maybe check with the Building Mgr, and see if you can get an Antenna up on the roof.

There are several very knowledgeable people here, and someone may have some other resolution to your problem.

Have a good Day ! :)


The antenna has three strikes against it: It's way too close to the xbox (a radio-frequency-energy-generating computer), the speaker (has a magnet), and the plasma (the tuner itself is another RF-generating computer). All of these sources are interfering with the signals you're trying to get. The antenna's amplifier only makes the interference worse.

Before discussing any other culprit, the antenna should be moved away from the electronics and toward the window. Buy another coax cable long enough to reach the window, and get a bullet connector if needed for splicing it together with the antenna's built-in coax. Don't worry too much about length -- the amplifier has sufficient gain to overcome any coax loss. However, don't buy so much cable that you have to leave a big pile of the slack coiled up on the floor. That will cause interference, too.

There was one missing detail: Your window/balcony location with respect to the signals. Is the balcony on the north or east side of the building? That would help reception a great deal. (But please, don't feel too bad. SWH is right -- it's a pleasure to help somebody who's done his homework :thumb:)

As for KMSP: Errors like this occurring in two different TVs suggest an issue at the station. Call KMSP and ask to speak with the engineering department to find out.