Help with newbie on finding right antenna



I just recently cut the DirecTV bill. I am looking for an antenna to pick the local channels. Most likely will be an outdoor one. I live about 45-50 miles from the Columbus stations, which is where I will get ABC,CBS and FOX, they also have NBC but there is a local NBC station about 12 miles, which I can pick up easily with an indoor antenna. I am wanting to pick up the other channels as well, UHF channels since they would be above 14 right? I am having a hard time finding a long range UHF/VHF antenna. I plan on putting it on the corner of my house using the existing mount for the dish. I have checked out Tvfool but don't quite understand it all. My address is 6375 Windsong Way, Nashport Ohio 43830 if this will help.


Estimated TV Fool at 20 ft.

I don't know how high you can go up on your antenna, but at 20 ft as I estimated, it doesn't look promising. Columbus is a UHF only market, & a VHF/UHF antenna isn't necessary. It would only be good if you're looking to DX stations, but even then, there aren't many VHF stations in other markets near Columbus. Even Dayton went all UHF. You will definitely need a rotator, since you have stations in all directions. Either a Winegard HD9032 or HD9095, or Antennacraft MXU47 or 59 will work for directional yagi antennas. Even the Antennas Direct 91XG could work. For the 4 or 8 bay antennas, I overall recommend the Antennas Direct DB series (either the DB4e or DB8e for the newer versions, or DB 4 or 8 for the older series, where available, as both are discontinued). BTW guest, you should not have posted your actual address.
I have checked out Tvfool but don't quite understand it all.
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The main figure to look at on the TVF Report is NM, which stands for Noise Margin. Stations are listed in order of edumacated-guess signal quality to your address, or "noise margin." One expert here (dkr?) once said NM needs to be greater than 10 for a 2 edge signal -- which means all but two of those stations listed are going to be real bears for you. So Dave73 is spot on, as usual. (Boring, ain't it? :evil:)



With a pre-amp and a deep fringe antenna signals down to ).0 NM are usually receivable 24/7.

Below 0 to -15 or so, you may receive the signals at night or when atmospheric conditions are optimal.

WHIZ may cause you problems because of its proximity - overloading your tuner with a pre-amp.


Thanks for the reply's, I have decided to go with the db8e, as I think it will be my best bet, and there are some great reviews on this. Will a pre-amp help the matters? Which one should I choose?? I don't even know what to look for....I also am not even sure how to tell which channels are uhf and which are vhf, Obviously 2-14 are UHF, but according to tvfool it says example WBNS is virtual channel 10.1, but real channel 21? I can pick up WHIZ right now with just a cheap indoor antenna, it is channel 18.1, but when scanning the channels to find them it doesnt show up untill channel 40? I am sorry, this is all so confusing?