Help with receiving television signal over-the-air?

I've been having problems with my TV reception at my house. I have a large outdoor antenna connected, but I still experience reception problems. How can I fix this? How can I tell what what's affecting my reception?


I suggest you check out the antenna area of the DTVUSAForum: DTV | HDTV Reception and Antenna Discussion

For information on how to ask for reception help, see this:

If you'd like to know the distance between antenna towers and your house, see this:

For a general overview for getting started with over-the-air TV reception, see this:
To better help you troubleshoot the issues you are having with receiving the over the air broadcast, can you share some information with the board?
- What type of antenna do you have mounted for the TV reception and at what location on the home/dwelling?
- What is your geographic location (city if you're willing to share)?
- Has the antenna previously provided good reception for over the air broadcast and is not any longer? Or have you never had good reception for the stations you are trying to watch?

In my local area, we've had some of the stations switch from UHF to VHF or vice versa for a multitude of reasons over the past year. This could also be an impact to the quality of service you are receiving in your home. This normally results in a change in the channel number that you watch the programming.

The FAQs shared are great, but please let us all know if you need additional assistance.