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Only some of the shows that are saved to my DVR are showing up as available to watch on the app (I'm showing how many of the episodes are showing up on the app DVR vs how many are showing up on the TV DVR):
Best Friends Whenever (0/4) DIS
Designated Survivor (5/6) ABC
Empire (6/9) FOX
Good Behavior (7/10) TNT
Once Upon A Time (0/4) ABC
Star (1/2) FOX
Teen Titans Go! (0/1) CN
Vikings (2/7) HIST

Also, there is a discrepancy in the number of recordings & percentage used.

TV set-top DVR: 87 recordings, 36% full
App DVR: 66 recordings, 88% full

Is there a way to do a reset or something so that all the shows are available on the app?

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