Here is one to Wal-Mart Vizio the same as Amazon Vizios?


I have evidence to make the claim but...I knew a TV seller who also installed and repaired TVs. This was probably 10 years ago. he explained that TV manufacturers would make TVs for places like Sears and Wal-Mart that had different components than similar models he sold. The guy said the components were lower quality in order to meet the price point the big boxes wanted. He said he had difficulty getting the tuners for the big box models because they were not the same as the components in the models he sold.

This could be retailer-invented stories or it could be true. I know from working for a Wal-Mart supplier that they sometimes tell the manufacturers what price they want the items to cost. It is up to the manufacturer to find ways to cut costs.

I am not bashing WM. anyone here qualified to answer this question? I have not compared part numbers yet. Even if the model numres/part numbers are does not necessarily mean the displays are different. In our warehouse we have our regular products and also special Wal-Mart items. We use a different part number because the case quantity is unique to WM...but the items are the same as our regular products.
I installed and repaired TV's for a few years, in the 80's and 90's.

Some manufacturers produced TV's, VHS recorders and so on, for more than one brand.

Its true that you always find more than one component manufacturer, even in the same Brand/Model.

But i never found components of "lower quality", their funtional specification was always similar.



A couple of years back I was looking at a Panasonic plasma HDTV and the model number of the in store 42"plasma was one digit different from the model number of their on-line 42" plasma HDTV.

With some digging I was able to find out that the on store model was a made for Wal-Mart specialty model with a couple of features left off, so I bought the on-line model for the same price - used ship to store and got the superior TV for the same price as the more cheaply made in store TV.

I would have never found this if I had not gone digging through the features of the on-line model and seen the difference in the specs compared to the in-store model.