Evaluation: here the effective ERP and TX powers of HD broadcasts in Santiago Chile


Moderator of DTV Latino
hello to everyone at last gotthe official power tx and ERP for the digital broadcasts channels in Santiago

City TV channel Content Channel UHF TX power E.R.P. power
Santiago Canal 13 1 HD, 1 SD, One-Seg Canal 24 16 kW 262 kW
Santiago El Mostrador 1 SD, 1 One-Seg Canal 26 0,2kW 2,3 kW
Santiago Mega 1 HD. 1 One-Seg Canal 27 12 kW 190 kW
Santiago La Red 1 SD. 1 One-Seg Canal 28 0,2kW 2,1 kW
Santiago Chilevisión 2 HD, 1 One-Seg Canal 30 1,5kW 20 kW
Santiago TVN 1 HD, 1SD, 1 One-Seg Canal 33 8,0 kW 120 kW

bold ones means the problematic channels in reference with the reception quality and amount of events of freezes and pixellation in the case of the channel 4 la red is just unwatchable continous freezes just 1-15 seconds of motion and the rest is hiccups and freezes , the channel 26 el mostrador just is radomly when can get the signal

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